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Sunshine to Joanna Bell-Richards. She is the founder of Harvest For The World Inc. and responsible for a new awakening of human and social services in the town of Roosevelt, NY and it's surrounding communities.

As executive director, she has implemented a variety of programs enhancing the quality of life for our community residents. She, along with her board of directors, spearheaded what has truly become a grassroots effort to eradicate hunger, and give underprivileged people a leg to stand on. Joanna is a product of Roosevelt society. She went to school there, and was a single parent in search of the services that Harvest For The World now provides.

At one point in her life she found herself homeless with a child and still holding down a job while juggling baby-sitters. Positive people came to her aid, for which she was eternally grateful, and reciprocates positivity to this very day. All glory is to God. She vowed to never forget where she came from.

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