Harvest for the World

We feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and provide options where none existed...

What we Offer

Harvest For The World has assisted our homeless and MICA individuals with making the transition from homelessness to independence through our supportive housing. The agency has just opened Harvest House #2 right next to the original Harvest House #1. Harvest House #2 is for individuals from Harvest House #1 who've transitioned to  a more independent form of living, with less supervision. Everyone has their own room, and furnishings. We would like to extend an invitation to visit our agency in the future. You will see first hand what such a program means to the community.

At Harvest For The World:

  • We offer a feeding program and transitional housing.

  • We feed your stomach and foster your well-being.

  • We link community and economic opportunity to enhance the quality of life.

  • We help to build a foundation of stability to make you independent. 

  • We encourage you to earn wages and offer solutions to do so in order to curb homelessness and build a well established confident citizen.

Our Soup Kitchen: 

Open Monday thru Saturday  11am - 1pm

Since 1998, Harvest For The World’s soup kitchen has been a grass roots effort to offer alternatives and make a difference in the community of Roosevelt by providing nourishment for individuals who are homeless, low on funds, or low on self esteem.


The soup kitchen has now become a supplemental injection in the community that many have come to rely on. We think feeding is a way to get people to commune and set the foundation for us to assist some to a smooth transition into mainstream acceptance. We’ve gained the trust of many clients who have come through our feeding program.


It’s a program with a hugely transient population, where upwards of 100 people pass through on any feeding day. Our staff assess those who are willing and capable for employment and we have helped many transition to jobs. We’ve also helped many who wanted to change certain elements of their being by placing them in detox and rehab centers.


Most importantly Harvest For The World has equipped many with gratified attitudes.

Our Food Pantry:

Harvest For The World's food pantry is a budding success in its benevolent effort to nourish the community. It's an organization striving to make a difference in the area, and help people avoid future emergencies.

We are here to improve access to available food by low income households and those who are homeless.

Since 2000, HFTW food pantry has enhanced the quality of life for a great number of people in the community and it's surroundings. The pantry provides food to participants through our Client's Choice program. Allowing clients the opportunity to choose their own foods from tables rather than random bags, reduces the probability of wasted food. We believe that a Client's Choice programs allows families, seniors and individuals with compromised immune systems, pick the food that best suits their nutritional and dietary needs.                    

Mobile Food Pantry  

Not everyone has the physical capabilities of coming to our agency due to lack of transportation or disability. For reasons such as these HFTW mobile food pantry is proactive and goes into the communities to give food to those in need.